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Established since 2003 in Hong Kong, Ming Fung Industrial Company Limited has been engaging in developing and manufacturing leather watchstraps for coming two decades.
Our strength is that we are an energetic, active and creative team. We carry fashionable straps and our materials and workmanship are not only traditional but also trendy to match with the ever-changing markets.
We are particularly competitive in high-end exotic leather straps, especially alligator watchstraps. Since we concentrate on sophisticated craftsmanship, striving for the perfectness of products,

matching the request of customers, catering for lower minimum order quantity, we are competitive in the completed watch industry and replacement markets all over the world. "Our service and products can always satisfied you!" We remarks that FASHION, QUALITY AND INNOVATION is our key of success.
On the other hand, we are a minority of watchstrap manufacturer which obtain enormous choices of exotic skins. We are able to provide the CITES of all exotic leather straps to to all overseas customers as well as Chinese customers.


China Factory
  •  1,000 square meter China factory is located in Long Gang, Shenzhen
  •   There are around 60-100 workers to work with us
  •   Sales volume is + 3 Million USD 
  •   Distribution of our products: Export in More than 50 countries:
  •   North America: USA, Canada
  •   South America: Brazil, Argentina
  •   Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Holland, Greece, Austria, Spain, UK,    etc.
  •   Asia: Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, U.A.E., Turkey, India, China, Turkey, H.K.
  • Australia
  •  Our strength:
  • -Wide range of collections of our watch strap
  • -OEM: Most of the famous watch brands are our customers. We do the best quality of your request!
  • -ODM: Provide your design and we will make as it!
  • -Tailor Made straps: We make the replacement straps for low order quantities

Our vision is to become a leading watch strap manufacturer in Hong Kong.We step to become a medium to large scale company in our coming decade. To enhance the ability of competitive in our industry ,we approach to be a vertical business structure.

Ming Fung will develop its own brand of leather straps and sell to worldwide market.It is value-added business and a key of success in its future